Mitsuya Boeki Ltd. is a trading company specializing in chemical products 三ツ矢貿易株式会社ロゴ

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Chemicals H.Q.

Chemicals H.Q.

Chemicals H.Q. mainly exports chemical products to overseas markets.

We deal with wide range of items – from common chemical products to high-value added
functional products for paints, adhesives, pharmaceutical drugs, healthcare products and so
on. Apart from Japan, we also supply quality products of other origins at reasonable cost.
In order to stand by customers to provide quick and satisfactory services, we organize region-
wise teams.


<Business Div. 1>

Southwest Asia Team
South Asia (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc.)
Asia-Oceania Team
East Asia (Korea, Taiwan, China, etc.), Southeast Asia (ASEAN), Oceania (Australia and New Zealand)
Development Dept.
Development of new business (e.g., products for batteries and functional additives for coatings)

<Business Div. 2>

Americas Team
North America (USA and Canada), Middle and South America (Mexico, Brazil, etc.)
Europe Team
Europe (EU and UK), Russia, Africa (Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, etc.)
Middle East Team
Middle East(Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, Pakistan, etc.)