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Fine Chemicals H.Q.

Fine Chemicals H.Q.

Fine Chemicals Division focus is on imports of new products such as pharmaceutical raw materials, functional raw materials, nutraceutical ingredients, etc. from all over the world as well as on exports of industrial chemicals.
We are working with utmost sincerity to be of service to our customers, and keeps engaging in a variety of businesses with the motto of 正射必中, Seisha Hicchu , which is a phrase in Kyudo, which means focusing on proper posture in shooting will certainly lead to hitting the bullseye.
If the same concept is applied in our business dealings, it will result in “doing things correctly that will allow us to hit the target accurately”

Life Science Team

Life Science Team was established to focus on food, which is a part of food, clothing, and housing that is necessary for daily life.
The health food booming started in the early 1990’s, and supplements and health and energy drinks began to appear on the market at that time.
Since that time, we have been searching for the ways to contribute to people’s lives in the fields of health maintenance and beauty, with both domestic and overseas partners.
There are many excellent manufacturers of plant extraction in Japan, and we started our business by sending out proposals for raw material materials from Japan to overseas.
And, at the same time, we were able to start to import business of overseas raw materials for plant extraction and sell them to other companies.
Now, we have also entered the field of hygiene management.

For beauty and health, we handle Rice (Oryza sativa)-derived extracts, Collagen, Elastin, Hyaluronic acid, Chondroitin, Taurine, and various dried plants and their extracts.
For hygiene field, we handle Isopropyl methylphenyl (IPMP), and we import UV/Ozone lamps for sterilization.

In another field, we also provide export-import trading agency services on behalf of our clients.

Fine Chemicals Team


Fine Chemical Team is engaged in following field businesses.

〇Export businesses about Chemical raw materials to China and India.

  • ・The raw materials of Pharmaceutical and Agrochemical intermediates.
  • ・Chemical regarding “5G”

〇Import businesses about Chemical raw materials

  • ・Import the raw materials of Pharmaceutical and Agrochemical intermediates, Functional chemicals,
    Dye intermediates, and other Industrial chemicals.
  • ・Examination on import & import agency business under Japanese METI and the other authorities’ guideline.
  • ・Import registration and the inland delivery about Poisonous & Deleterious substances in Japan.
  • ・Apply for new chemical substances under Japanese Chemical substances law & Labor security law.
  • ・Market research of chemical raw materials in the world
  • ・Survey of environmental control regulation in the world
  • ・Accompany customer on overseas factory audit(including web factory audit)
  • ・Support for overseas visitors to Japan
  • ・Business contact for Japanese manufacturers



  • ・向中国和印度出口化学品原料
  • ・5G相关化学品原料


  • ・进口医农药中间体原料,功能化学品,染料中间体,其他工业化学品原料
  • ・根据日本经济产业省和其他当局的指导方针进行进出口代理业务的审查
  • ・日本有毒有害物质的进口登记和内陆交货
  • ・根据日本化学物质法和劳动安全法申请新化学物质
  • ・全球化学原料的市场研究
  • ・全球环境控制法规调查
  • ・陪伴客户进行海外工厂审计(包括网络工厂审计
  • ・对日本的海外游客(例如,审核员)帮助
  • ・日本国内营业窗口